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WHAT:  We manufacture superior-quality, innovative concrete building materials specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, and add lasting value to their projects.

  We sell to high volume Contractors and Distributors only.

HOW:  We will be glad to discuss your specific needs by appointment. 

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Manufactured stone is a concrete product made of portland cement, lightweight aggregate, and iron-oxide pigments guaranteed not to fade and just as resilient as natural stone. Manufactured stone:

  • Offers great looks and durability at less than half the price of real stone installed
  • Doesn't require the same structural support as natural stone
  • Comes in colors and patterns not found locally in nature
  • Can be applied directly to walls with mortar
  • May be installed 2 to 6 times as quickly as natural stone
  • Is an environmentally friendly building material
  • Creates less waste than natural stone since it comes in numerous standard sizes and is uniform throughout
  • Much lighter than real stone...less shipping costs
  • Maintenance free--does not require paint, sealants, etc.
  • Fire, insect, and mold resistant
  • Creates a sense of permanence and strength that is indistinguishable from that of real stone

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